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There are many steps between the conceptualizing of a product and/or service and its eventual delivery to market where consumers, seeking solutions, at last have their say on its future. Chief among them are those steps that involve strong relationships between product manufacturers and those influential entities that control consumer availability such as distributors, wholesalers, retailers, and brokers. SMS has helped clients climb to their goals, assisting them step-by-step in the negotiation of the many unforeseen twists and turns that can stall a product's ascent.

Selling Your Product or Service

Advertising and marketing plans aimed at enticing businesses to purchase a product to sell to its customers requires a special kind of expertise. Business-to-business marketing requires a depth of industry knowledge that not only understands what customers want, but how their needs are translated through the sales cycle. It's about defining problems throughout that cycle and conducting detailed analyses of past promotions, trade interviews, special sales initiatives, and account specific programs, resulting in strong, long-lasting selling relationships.

Understanding the Market

SMS has been trade-marketing since the company was founded. We've developed the tools and the deep understanding required to breathe market life into your products.

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