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Does Your Message Stick?

Word-of-mouth marketing is a method of selling a company's products and services that has been traditionally difficult to control. One hopes through a careful and conscientious implementation of concerted branding efforts that prospects and consumers will "take it from there". In years past, there was little way to measure to what extent your customers were helping you outside of surveys, trade shows, and some good old-fashioned, professional luck.

Sending Out Your Message

Today, there is social media marketing. Applications such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn broadcast press releases, product announcements, trade show news and pertinent articles where interaction and traffic-driving links are possible, and that's why they're vitally important. Anyone with Internet access can receive your company's content and share it, making devices such as phones and tablets essential tools to consider when growing your brand.

It's All About the Content

As always, the difference lies in the content, written and visual. SMS understands the importance of placing the right content within the correct platform and how successful social media campaigns involve researching audiences, learning their habits, and knowing what makes them respond. We produce videos that go viral, share images that spark conversation, and interject copy that engages.

Building Relationships

Good marketing doesn't just sell your products and services, it builds relationships. SMS social media programs help your company connect with your prospects and customers now and into the future.

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