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Connecting with the World

Tablets, smartphones, smartwatches...before long everything around us will be connected. As mobile technology becomes increasingly sophisticated, a virtual world will be created that will connect marketers with their prospects and customers more continuously and personally.

Creating Mobile Opportunities

These incredible changes will challenge marketers to hone mobile strategies that identify market opportunities, create mobile business plans, and run targeted mobile ad campaigns that enhance brand awareness. SMS advises clients on effective text campaigns that drive repeat sales, turns static websites into responsive ones with mobile commerce (mCommerce), mobile content management systems (mCMS), mobile payment capability, and proximity beacons that identify and engage customers on-site with tailored messages sent to their phone.

Measure Your Mobile Effectiveness

SMS uses analytic software to track mobile web traffic and app downloads and to collect other important usage and behavior statistics that measure your company's return on investment (ROI). We help you find ways to track and influence your customers on any device, any time and anywhere.

High tech yields high returns, thanks to SMS mobile marketing.

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