Selling with Visual Media

“Professionally prepared visual presentations on websites, or on distributable media, provide persuasive selling messages to a society exhibiting an ever-growing appetite for visually oriented transfer of information and entertainment.”

The SMS Studio and Media Center create a wide variety of photographic and video visual sales aids used by SMS clients to attract, and convince sales personnel and prospects of the importance of products, services and systems as well as to enhance corporate image, emphasize branding efforts and establish credibility.

Developmental concepts, scripts, and storyboards are prepared by experienced writers and producers supported by digital editing suites and a complete animation lab. Final scripts are shot, edited, produced with appropriate special effects and mixed with voice-over message content and musical and audio tracks selected from stock libraries, or custom created. Video projects can also be effectively streamed on websites for additional market impact.

SMS Photography facilities with computer aided functions as well as variable lighting and background options, are on site and can be closely coordinated with designer and client concepts in the production of advertisements, brochures and catalogs.

The SMS Studio and Media Center personnel prepare visual programs and illustrations that attract better, tell better, and sell better.

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