5 Free Marketing Ideas from SMS

1. Use a press release as a low cost, but effective, direct mail piece. 

Send prospects a press release in an envelope marked “Important Press Release Inside.”  Attach a small note that has your company name on it to the front of the release with the message, ”We thought that you would be interested in the product (Or service) described in this release currently being sent to the trade press.”  The note should bear the name, signature and telephone number of the person with which you wish the prospect to make contact.

2. Put your trade show booth on your web site.

Your cyber booth can act as your presence at any show that you desire simply by changing products or services-if necessary-and the name of the show in which you wish to exhibit…even if you do not plan to physically attend the show.  Advertise the booth as you would normally advertise a booth at a show that you are attending, BUT point out that the booth will be available for visits from those who will, and will not attend the show, both before and after the actual trade show dates.  More prospects do not attend trade shows, and your booth will expose your products to them as well as act as a show preview and an effective show follow-up for those who do attend.

3. Use a special URL on all promotional materials

Using a special URL, or web address, on individual advertisements, releases, and other promotional pieces will allow you to analyze the effectiveness of each piece, the mailing list, or the audience of different publications. This intelligence can help you plan more effectively and stretch budget dollars by using the most productive avenues.

4. Use a landing page on your site for promoted products

Driving prospects to your web site and then asking them to search for the product starting at your home page can result in prospects either getting lost in your navigation or simply leaving because it is too much trouble. The product promoted can also be lost in other similar site content.  Creating a product or service specific, low-cost landing page to receive your prospects allows them to immediately get the information they need while allowing you to introduce them to incentives to get their contact information as well as cross-selling related products.

5. Send personally addressed mailers to increase response rates

Digitally Variable Printing, DVP, makes it possible to variably address your mailing pieces by prospect name and to change your graphics and your message to suit the demographics and interests of your marketplaces. DVP produces up to 30% greater response rates from properly designed mailers and the greater readership levels help to build brand recognition among prospective customers.

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