SMS marketing that knows how to answer the question,
"What's in it for me?"


Our unique structure of experienced client representatives teamed with a fully-staffed, in-house art and visual media department means less down time, better continuity of graphics and message content, and lower costs as the cascading mark-ups, time delays, and coordination of outside vendors is avoided.


Our structure is actually better for our clients than it is for us. No fees to retain our innovative, cost-effective marketing solutions means we partner with clients so that more of their dollars reach the marketplace where they belong. The end result is better quality, and better service at lower costs.

Welcome to the World of SMS Marketing!

At SMS, our principle purpose is provide clients with the latest and best methods of effectively converting prospects to clients in a wide variety of marketplaces using a broad array of in-house services that overlap every imaginable media.

In the more than 35 years since our founding, we have experienced a great many changes in both the marketplace and in marketing philosophies, but through all the changes, careful planning and effective implementation continue to be among the most important marketing activities.

SMS works closely with individual clients to create well thought-out Marketing Plans that respect budgets while offering the best, most cost-effective, and coordinated activities that lead to successful market penetrations and prospect to client conversions.

As you look through our many services, we hope you will decide to investigate SMS, its products, and its people further. We look forward to meeting you.

Bob Norton, President

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